HR management made simple

Detect and record on-site attendance, trips, holidays and time off to build a dynamic work environment

Phygital. The New Experience.

Enhance how professionals get connected.

Add your service status

Empower your team to work together in a hybrid work environment by selecting their daily service status in or out of the office.

Check colleague availability

Discover which days your project team, manager, or work friends plan to work on-site or remotely, so you can sync your schedules.

Manage schedule and quota for accesses

Set your work schedule and check on-site presence of colleagues, taking control of who can physically access the workplace and defining authorization criteria.

Key Features

All you need to have to manage your resources

Plan events

Start planning with all the information you need about attendees

Save time

Don’t waste your time waiting for e-mail or phone reply to check availability

Create agenda

Define topics, goals and metrics to get the most out of your meetings

Match people with resource

Right people at the right time in the right place, this is all you need

Set up hybrid meetings

In-person combined with remote presence preserving productivity

Calendar Monitoring

Calendar sync between people, activities and resources


Export data to create reports and enhance HR management

Information at a glance

Build teams and check status with smart filters

LightBook Smartphone App

LightBook is also a free application for your mobile phone that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android devices.
If enabled by the organization you are referring to, within the app you will find the Room, Desk and People modules to manage your physical and digital presence combined to the use of business resources in a dynamic and safe way.

Your online booking system is just a few clicks away

LightBook disrupts the old way booking process was imagined. It’s easy to set up and use, reducing long and painful process of learning new software.